Alexandra Lowell, Mexican-born French-American settled in Paris to launch and develop her brand Lowellita, after pursuing her studies in London.

Having been immersed in the world of textile since a young age, she discovered the work and treasures of South American craftsmanship by growing up in Mexico. This is how she begins to collect beautiful bits and pieces from the local markets.

Traveling the world, she finds inspiration in materials; their texture, their colors, their patterns … Each fabric is an invitation to travel, to be influenced, to be transported. And those emotions find their way back into her collections.

With the ambition of modernizing traditional fabrics, she chooses strong ethnic fabrics and transforms them into pieces that are urban and chic. Alexandra wants to bring fashion that is colorful with contemporary cuts into the wardrobes of European fashionistas, without losing the Parisian style she is so fond of. Thus you will find high wasted shorts, biker jackets, Peter Pan Collars amongst other fashionable touches.

Alexandra has a strong sense of social awareness; she has teamed up with The Mayan Store, an organization that brings together around 50 craftsmanship communities. Aware of the need to empower women and artisans around the world, she has all her embroideries done in India, where the women are driven home by trusted drivers in order to avoid assault.

Time-honored techniques allow her to express her fabulous creativity, her intuition with colors and above all, her love of fashion.

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